About Fairgreen Farms:

As a ‘Crop Assured’ producer we aim to provide high quality UK grown blueberries at competitive prices.

Our Season

Our harvest usually starts mid July running through to September. During harvest we open 7 days a week for PYO. People on our mailing list should get an email when we open; the web site is also updated.

Developing Business

Leading supermarkets, independent retailers and PYO customers have enjoyed our berries for over 20 years. During this time we have seen many changes and adapted our production and varieties accordingly.

Varieties now grown on our 9 Hectare plantation are: Duke, Blue Crop, Torro, Blue Gold, Aurora, Liberty, Legacy & Draper.

Our land is naturally suited to blueberries giving us a significant advantage. We also use trickle irrigation and a ‘Tow & Blow’ turbine for protection against late spring frosts.

We are looking to develop new markets and expand our range of products. Subject to availability we offer blueberry wine and frozen throughout the year.

During the harvest season our fresh ‘processing grade’ blueberries provide unbeatable value for juicing, wine making, pie fillings, jam making, etc.