Pick Your Own U-Pick

The 2021 PYO season - last day 4th September

When we close at 5:30pm on Saturday the main picking season will be finished. For anyone who joined our mailing list you will be informed if there are any extra picking dates to follow.

(Closed Sundays)

You don’t need to book anything just come along when we are open.

Please maintain social distancing on the field respecting areas set aside for shielding customers

Only handle berries going into your own picking container

Use the hand sanitiser provided

Dogs are not permitted on the field (except guide dogs)

The field is a No smoking food area

We only have blueberries and no other fruits.

Taste the difference, we only harvest our fruit when it’s properly ripe and ready.



All Pick your own Enquires : 07761 285864

PYO U-Pick

Sun Ripened

Staying on the bushes longer means berries picked when they’re fully ripe taste so much better

How it works

On arrival we can provide picking containers or weigh your own if you prefer. We will also advise where to find the day’s best picking spot.

When you’ve picked all you need, it’s time to weigh and pay and perhaps treat yourself to a bottle of blueberry wine. We now have a card payment facility on the field.

If you don’t have time to Pick Your Own, we also sell ready picked.

This is a great activity for all ages, children accompanied by a responsible adult are welcome.

Opening times

The 2021 season starts 31st July

Outside of harvest we are closed. If you join our mailing list we will notify you directly when the season starts (we don’t send out junk mail or share your email with anyone).

Finding us is easy Map & Address

You might coincide blueberry picking with a day out to the Sandringham Flower Show We are very close and expect to have a lot of fruit when the show is on.

Important Reminder

This is a food area so please do not smoke or bring dogs
(except guide dogs) on the blueberry field.


P.Y.O U-Pick Blueberries are £5 per Kg

Blueberry wine is £12 per bottle (subject to availability)

Keeping up to date

To receive an email when we are opening please Join mailing list here

All enquiries for Pick your own call : 07761 285864